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Easynet enables first Sky News HD broadcast

January 21, 2009

International managed network, hosting and telepresence company Easynet Global Services has successfully trialled a new service that allows broadcasters to use an IP network to stream high definition (HD) video content around the world. The Easynet service formed part of Sky News’ coverage of President Obama's inauguration in HD, giving viewers' around the world up to the minute content and better quality pictures.

The managed network solution enabled Sky News to relay part of their coverage of the event over Easynet's Global IP VPN network directly from the United States to the Sky News Centre in London in less than a second. This was done without the need for much of the costly infrastructure often required for major live news events. In the future broadcasters will be able to make significant cost savings through leveraging the versatile delivery of IP networks.

Easynet is owned by BSkB.

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