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South Korean super-broadband

February 4, 2009

South Korea will install a nationwide super-broadband infrastructure by 2013 which would enable the downloading of a feature film in one or two seconds. The project unveiled by the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) will require investment of 1.3 trillion won from the government and 32.8 trillion won from the private sector.

‘South Korea will be the first in the world to build such a network nationwide for commercial use,’ Rha Sung-Uk of the state-run National Information Society Agency commented.

"You can download a movie in one or two seconds through an upgraded optical fibre cable extended to every household," Rha said. "It will allow users to engage in e-commerce or use Internet protocol phones while watching ultra high-definition TV programmes." The existing wireless network will also be rebuilt for faster data transmission and multiple services, he said.

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