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QuickPlay sees mobile TV usage rise

February 6, 2009

QuickPlay Media, provider of mobile TV and video solutions has unveiled the findings of its latest quarterly consumer consumption analysis. The results aggregate usage statistics from 15 representative QuickPlay-powered services over the fourth quarter of 2008 demonstrate that mobile users continue to show tremendous interest in streaming and downloading mobile TV and video content.

The findings, compiled from 1st October through 31st December2008, revealed that the number of streams viewed in the fourth quarter of 2008 more than doubled from the previous quarter. Downloads also experienced momentum over this timeframe, with the average number of downloads per user increasing by approximately 50 per cent.

The growth in consumption of streams can be largely attributed to the launch of popular new services, in particular YouTube content available on Telus Mobility. A decline in streams per user, which occurred over this same period, can be linked to the growing adoption of live TV services that tend to generate longer views but fewer streams.

Total live TV and video streams viewed grew 118per cent from Q3 to Q4 2008, compared with a 27per cent increase from Q2 to Q3. Average download per user experienced its best quarter of 2008 with an average of 6 per user vs. 4.1 per user in Q3. Total video downloads showed an increase of 73per cent from Q3 to Q4 vs. 87per cent from Q2 to Q3

In addition, consumers continued to show preferences in the types of content they stream and download. Popular live TV streaming genres were news, music video, most-watched television programs and weather, while video streaming favourites included music and movie previews. For downloads, music, sports and comedy represented some of the top categories.

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