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Seven to deliver TiVo downloads

March 11, 2009

Seven Media Group will take on Telstra and other Australian Internet service providers by selling a broadband internet connection with its TiVo digital set-top box from next month.

The broadband service –which turns TiVo into an internet service provider – will be launched along with a movie library of more than 100 titles that customers will be able to download to their TiVo box. TiVo licensee Hybrid Television Services has partnered with Adelaide ISP Internode to offer the service, which will provide unmetered video downloads.

TiVo and Internode are expected to charge customers between A$79 and $99 a month for a TiVo set-top box and a broadband internet connection on a two-year contract. The bundled service is being pitched as a competitor to pay-TV services like Foxtel, which charges at least $50 a month for a basic service with an iQ set-top box, as well as high-speed broadband providers. At best, TiVo is believed to be breaking even on the deal.


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