Advanced Television

Multi-platform solution from Osmosys

March 16, 2009

Open standards interactive TV solutions developer Osmosys is launching its MHP 1.2 software, designed to provide enhanced TV functionality and help bridge the worlds of broadcast and IP video. The solution enables operators to provide next generation TV services and supports advanced features on networks with always-on Ethernet connections, as well as being compatible with terrestrial, satellite, cable and IPTV services.

"This is the first version of MHP that has been developed to specifically enable network operators to deploy sophisticated applications and services across any network," said Paul Bristow, CTO, Osmosys. "We have responded to operators' needs and have developed our implementation of the MHP 1.2 standard to provide advanced broadband capabilities that are totally under the control of the network operator." David McElhatten, CEO, Osmosys suggested the software would support operators in achieving two crucial aims: reduce churn and enhance revenue-generating opportunities.

MHP 1.2 enhancements include IPTV support, a provision for unbound applications such as caller ID and targeted messaging, Switched Digital Video and other Tru2way (US Cable standard) and OCAP features.

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