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Japan to subsidise digital TV?

March 23, 2009

Japan is considering paying 20,000 yen (E155) to people who trade in their analogue televisions for new digital sets, Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura has revealed. "We will look into this from all angles, including as part of economic stimulus, Kawamura said.

The junior party in the ruling coalition, New Komeito, has proposed a 1 trillion yen package to assist the nation’s switch to digital television broadcasting, including the 20,000-yen subsidy, according to party sources. Other proposals include funding to install digital TVs. at public facilities.

Japan has about 100 million televisions and is scheduled to end analogue broadcasting and switch to digital TV programming in July 2011. Kawamura said the government expects the transition to be on time. "We must do all we can for the 2011 start, he said.

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