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Hybrid TV: Illegal piracy is the TV industry’s fault

April 2, 2009

The television industry is responsible for the proliferation of illegal content piracy and needs to lift its game to prevent it, according to Hybrid TV CEO Robbee Minicola speaking at Get Ready for Digital TV conference.

Minicola said that illegal piracy is the result of consumers not getting the content they want at the times they want. In order to reduce this – perhaps even prevent it – the industry needs to customise its content delivery to more suitable meet the end users' needs.

In order to illustrate her view on what causes piracy, Minicola presented a schematic that outlined the order in which television consumers seek to watch programming. She believes potential viewers start with prime time, and then look to catch up television services, then multi-channelling and archived recordings. The fifth link in this chain is pirated copies. Minicola said that the first four links – those that prevent piracy – can be achieved without pay TV. She said viewers will archive on a PVR rather than try and catch multiplexed showings of pay TV shows.

Hybrid TV is the exclusive licensee for TiVo in Australia and New Zealand in which TiVo has just bought a 33% stake.


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