Advanced Television

AnySource enables broadband connected HDTV

April 10, 2009

AnySource Media has confirmed the availability of Internet Video Navigator 1.0, an embedded platform that aggregates and organises video, photos and music content from across the Internet and allows consumers to easily find, view and listen to it on their HDTVs using the remote control. Internet Video Navigator will drive value-added services for consumer electronic manufacturers, content owners, advertisers, and others with a strong internal recurring revenue business model driven by advertising and movie rental and purchase commissions.

AnySource Media is currently working with leading HDTV manufacturers to integrate Internet Video Navigator 1.0 client software directly into high-volume, mainstream HDTVs that will be available in retail stores later this year. TV viewers can interactively select sites and jump to specific videos, photos, home networks and music, or they can passively sit back and watch any Internet-based video like a traditional broadcast experience.

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