Advanced Television

Increased time-shifting in early prime-time

April 14, 2009

DVR solutions specialist TiVo has reported that primetime programming which aired during the 8pm and 9pm timeslots in the US in February experienced a marked increase in timeshifted viewing over programmes in the 10pm hour, as viewed by TiVo service subscribers.

According to its StopWatch ratings service, an analysis of broadcast networks ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC depicted high levels of Timeshifting between the primetime hours of 8pm and 10pm, with a significant decrease thereafter, as viewers transitioned to live viewing. In fact, the ratings demonstrate that the 9pm timeslot was the most heavily Timeshifted hour with 59 per cent of viewers opting to record programming during this hour and watch it later. The 8pm timeslot was a close second with 58 per cent

Timeshifted viewing, followed by the 10pm hour with only 53 per cent of viewers watching in Timeshifted mode and 47 per cent tuning in live.

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