Internet-enabled TVs in demand

Demand for Internet-enabled televisions is growing rapidly, according to a study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The study "Net-Enabled Video: Early Adopters Only?" found that about half of prospective TV buyers say they are likely to purchase an Internet-connected TV.

The study reveals numerous ways consumers would use an Internet-enabled TV. Nearly half (48 per cent) of US online adults would use their web-enabled TV to find out more information on upcoming shows and identify a song that played during the show. Forty-four per cent also would use the web to find out more information about the actors featured on-screen. Having anytime-access to content, and accessing the Internet and television broadcasts together were the top benefits of an Internet-enabled TV, according to consumers.

The study also found that most adults are already online while watching TV. Almost a third of online adults (30 per cent) say they always or usually surf the Internet while watching television and another third (32 per cent) say they sometimes do.


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