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Tweens/teens prefer cable

May 6, 2009

Pangea Media, a media platform for youth media and marketing professionals, has released the results of a jointly developed survey which tracked television consumption and viewing preferences of almost 2,000 of Pangea Media’s tween/teen users.

The survey found that tweens/teens watch an average of five to 10 hours of TV content a week and prefer to watch shows as they air. When asked how they watch TV, the majority of respondents (64 percent) said they prefer to watch it on the television as the show airs versus using a DVR (26 percent) or streaming online (11 percent). Tweens/teens prefer scripted series (64 percent) versus reality TV (36 percent), and cable (78 percent) to network TV (22 percent). If they had to give up either TV or the Internet for a week, respondents overwhelmingly said they would choose to forgo TV (76 percent).

With regard to their online viewing habits, 60 percent of respondents said they watch Webisodes or original video series made for the Web. However, the majority (85 percent) said they have never visited a TV show’s online forum. When consuming TV content online, tweens/teens choose to download content on YouTube (50 percent) followed by the channel’s Web site (40 percent) and iTunes (20 percent).

While watching TV, most respondents said they are usually multi-tasking and tend to simultaneously send text messages (66 percent) and go online (78 percent).


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