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HiTV seeks Premier League football

May 12, 2009

HiTV, one of Africa's leading digital satellite operators, has outlined its intention to acquire the broadcast rights to the English Premier League for the African continent alongside eleven other pay-TV operators in Africa. This bid forms part of a major proposal presented to the FA by HiTV, which will also offer every country in Africa its own DTH platform.

HiTV is working with eleven other African broadcasters for the acquisition, which will spearhead the development of a brand new continent wide broadcast platform. The continent wide technology and content backbone being created will allow individual countries in Africa to develop their own independent broadcasting market and tailor their solution (e.g. cost, content, language) to meet the demands of regional viewers.

The English Premier League broadcast rights are currently divided between three of the leading pay-TV operators within the four African territories- with North Africa going to ShowTime Arabia, Nigeria going to HiTV, South Africa and the rest of Africa going to Multichoice‚s DSTV. HiTV proposes that the rules be relaxed to allow a remodelling of the current African broadcasting landscape. By removing current regulations, either a Pay TV or Free-to-air operator could own the broadcast rights for their country.

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