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ISPs reject cut-off plans

May 12, 2009

UK Internet service providers have rejected calls for them to police the net and cut off users who repeatedly file-share material unlawfully.

The group that represents ISPs said disconnecting users would be a “disproportionate response”. A coalition of UK creative industries wants the online connections of repeat offenders to be slowed or stopped. (See Daily News 12/05/09).

The Internet Service Providers Association (Ispa) said it disputed “calls from some elements of the creative industries for the disconnection of users or technological measures as a method of dealing with potential infringers of copyright online. Ispa members have consistently explained that significant technological advances would be required if these measures are to reach a standard where they would be admissible as evidence in court. ISPs and consumer groups consider disconnection of users to be a disproportionate response, a view that was recently supported by the European Parliament.”

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