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U-Verse deployment in decline

June 10, 2009

According to UBS Research, AT&T is slowing the deployment of their “next-generation” VDSL IPTV service, U-Verse. UBS initially expected AT&T to pass 11 million homes in 2009, but has 're-guesstimated' that AT&T will pass just 4-5 million homes this year. That would be down from 9 million in 2008. AT&T admits there’s been a recession-related slowdown, but insists deployment remains “aggressive”.

"Our U-verse build and expansion plans remain aggressive. We will continue expanding into new markets and turning up more households that are currently passed by our U-verse network. In a broader sense, we announced earlier this year that given the current economic environment, we are taking a conservative approach to managing our business."

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