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CNN cross platform advertising success

June 12, 2009

Findings released from a new study by CNN International suggest that brands that choose multimedia campaigns to communicate their advertising messages are more memorable to consumers and are more likely to enhance perception of their brands. The results carry weight for brands that place their advertising in an engaging environment, prompting an emotional response from the audience.

The CASE study (Cross-platform Advertising Study on Effectiveness and Engagement) consisted of a rigorous two stage approach. Stage one involved a multinational online questionnaire exposing consumers to diverse media experiences to measure cross-platform effectiveness. Stage two measured attention and engagement through a variety of techniques including biometrics, eye tracking and in depth interviews.

"We wanted to show that by complementing advertising on CNN TV with ads on and CNN mobile, an advertiser can markedly increase campaign re-call leading to positive shifts in brand attitudes', commented Didier Mormesse, SVP Research, CNN International. "The fact that these respondents were not primed for an advertising study makes these results even more poignant."

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