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UK industry lobbies for pressure on illegal downloads

June 12, 2009

The lobbying effort is backed by more than 15 organisations from the creative industries and, for the first time, Amicus/Unite and the Trade Union Congress. The coalition urges the government to ensure a tough stance is taken in the final Digital Britain report, due to be published by the communications minister, Lord Carter.

“Job losses will be felt right across the chain, from production to distribution, from technicians to manufacturers and from logistics companies to staff in high street shops. The government report is Gordon Brown’s golden opportunity to tackle this growing threat and, at the 11th hour, to save the future of the UK creative industries.”

Meanwhile, the threat of being disconnected by an ISP after being warned three times against illegal downloading would either definitely or probably deter a full 80 percent of consumers, says The Digital Entertainment Survey by Entertainment Media Research.


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