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Sky hit 9.4 m subs

July 24, 2009

BSkyB is expected to announce 100,000 net additional subscriptions in its financial reporting today. This will bring the company's subscriber base to roughly 9.4 million, on target to hit the 10 million mark by Q3 2010.

Despite a troubled economy, Sky has managed to hold on to—and indeed, grow—its subscriber base over the past year. This falls in line with survey research just completed by Strategy Analytics, which showed that 89% of UK digital television consumers plan to spend "the same or more" on their television service in the upcoming year as they did in the previous 12 months. The survey found that, faced with the economic necessity to reduce household expenditures, only 8% of Britons would drop their pay tv service altogether—40% would scale back to a lower tier of service, however.

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