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Platform market shares in US

August 17, 2009

A ChangeWave survey of 2,922 U.S. and Canadian consumers identified winners and losers in the current market share battle among TV service providers.

According to the survey, Cable (65%) still owns the bulk of the TV market, even though it's been slowly ticking downward for much of the past 2+ years.

At the same time, Satellite providers (25%; down 1-pt) have remained relatively flat, even as the core growth story over the past two years has shifted to the fiber-optic TV service providers (11%). But what does this mean at the individual provider level?

Cable Companies: Comcast (23%; down 1-pt) is still the market share leader, but has been gradually sliding for the past year. Time Warner (11%; up 1-pt) remains a distant second – still stuck at the same level of a year ago.

Satellite Companies: DIRECTV (13%; unchanged) continues to hold the market share advantage over DISH Network (9%) – which dropped 1-pt to its lowest level ever in a ChangeWave survey.

Fiber Companies: Verizon FiOS (5%) and AT&T U-verse (3%) have been gaining share steadily – albeit slowly – since they rolled out their fibre services.

Importantly, Fiber TV providers also boast a big lead when it comes to customer satisfaction levels – with an overall 38% Very Satisfied rating, followed by Satellite subscribers (27% Very Satisfied) – both which remain far happier with their TV service than Cable subscribers (13% Very Satisfied).


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