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Roku improves set-top navigation for Netflix

August 24, 2009

Roku is redesigning the user interface feature in its set-top box that customers use to order video-streamed titles from Netflix so it works similar to the one Microsoft recently launched for its Xbox 360 video-game console.

Browse and add functions for ordering Netflix's digital titles, similar to the new features on Xbox 360, will be integrated into Roku's new navigation, Roku spokesman Brian Jacquet confirmed, though he declined to say when the new features would be in place.

Roku's set-top boxes last year were the first components Netflix used to make its video-streaming titles playable directly on TVs, and Amazon began streaming its digital movie and TV titles through Roku set-top boxes in March. Closely held Roku is looking to further boost demand for its set-top boxes by launching channels for content providers such as Major League Baseball and podcast provider Mediafly.


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