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TVNZ to debut shows online

August 24, 2009

TVNZ is planning to build on the success of its OnDemand service by making some shows available online before they screen on TV. Head of emerging business Jason Paris said the broadcaster was among a limited number outside the US to embrace the concept, which it launched in 2007. “I suppose it was a little bit of a leap of faith but we were reasonably confident it wasn’t going to cannibalise our existing television audience and the research has shown it hasn’t.”

TVNZ’s next step will be to put first episodes of some shows online before they are broadcast. “It won’t be something we do for all shows,” said Paris. “We’ll pick particular shows that probably haven’t played in New Zealand before and might be difficult to explain simply through a 30-second promotion or a billboard. We’ll give people the opportunity to watch the full episode so broadcast.”


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