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Sky backs file share cut-offs but rights holders must pay

September 5, 2009

In contrast to rival ISPs Sky has backed the content industry's calls to introduce suspension of service for suspected file-sharers. In response to this week's government request for proposals about how it should tackle file-sharing, Sky said it would apply technical measures to file-sharers' internet accounts provided they could be proved guilty.

"It makes sense to assess the full range of technical measures," a Sky statement read. "Due process must be followed before any technical measure can be deployed and…an impact assessment and proportionality test will be applied to each measure considered." Sky added any costs involved should be incurred by the rights holders rather than the ISP.

The response comes as Sky gears up to launch its own music service, Sky Songs a site featuring music news and features with download and streaming music services expected to be added shortly.

Earlier this week ISPs BT and Carphone Warehouse said applying account suspensions would be "wrong" and "misguided."

Virgin Media, which is also developing a music service, said it was vital to offer consumers legal alternatives to access music.

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