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Downloads and streaming rise on mobiles

September 8, 2009

QuickPlay Media has unveiled the findings of its latest quarterly US consumer consumption analysis. The results-aggregate usage statistics from 17 representative QuickPlay-powered services revealed a rise in consumer demand for video downloads as well as a sharp increase in average length of stream views.

The latest findings, compiled between April 1st and June 30th, 2009, showed an increase in total video downloads and average downloads per user over the previous quarter. The increase in total downloads was driven in part by the release of PrimeTime2Go, a premium mobile TV service featuring full episodes of TV shows from leading networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN and MTVN.

Meanwhile, the results revealed that consumers of streaming video are watching content in longer sessions. While the total number of TV and video streams and the average streams per user were down slightly, there was a notable jump in the length of time spent viewing each individual stream.

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