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ISPs fight back on UK '3 strikes'

September 8, 2009

The UK government's revised, tougher plans to tackle online piracy have been dismissed as "grossly unfair" and "misconceived" by the leaders of ISPs who warn against creating an "extrajudicial kangaroo court" to cut off persistent P2P offenders.

The CEOs of BT, and TalkTalk and Orange UK, wrote to The Times calling for a re-think on the plans. It says: "We are concerned that the Government's latest proposals on the 'how' to reduce illegal filesharing are misconceived and threaten broadband consumers' rights and the development of new attractive services."

A consultation document from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has gone farther than the 10-month Digital Britain policy review, recommending suspending users' connections "as a last resort", as well as speeding up the legislative process to bring in laws before 2012. ISPs don't take kindly to being forced to cut off customers in any circumstances, particularly when they are asked to fund half the cost.


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