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Open IPTV Forum: Profiles Specs for Release 1

October 12, 2009

The Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) has published the Profiles specification for its Release 1 Solution. This specification is accompanied by a revision (Version 1.1) of its seven-volume Release 1 IPTV Solution specification, originally published in January 2009. All OIPF specifications are freely available for download from the Publications section of the Forum website

The Open IPTV Forum Release 1 Version 1.1 IPTV Solution provides the specification for an end-to-end platform for the deployment of the set of Release 1 IPTV Services. The Open IPTV Forum has developed an end-to-end solution to allow any consumer end-device, compliant to the Open IPTV Forum specifications, to access enriched and personalised IPTV services either in a managed or a non-managed network. Version 1.1 of the Release 1 Solution includes updates, clarifications and corrections compared to the previous version, resulting from extensive review and feedback from implementers of the specification.

The Release 1 Version 1.1 IPTV Solution specification provides multiple options for some features. The Profiles specification complements the IPTV Solution specification by defining OIPF implementation and deployment profiles that remove uncertainty about what features are required in an implementation.

The Profiles specification defines three profiles, progressively adding functionality from within the IPTV Solution specification:

– The Open Internet Profile, which is intended for “over-the-top” services that do not utilise any terminal management features, to deliver on-demand and interactive services;

– The Baseline Managed Profile, which adds support for the Scheduled Content and Streamed CoD (Content on Demand) services making use of certain managed-network capabilities for content delivery.

– The Enhanced Managed Profile, which adds native support for advanced converged services and networks, through features such as IMS (IP Multimedia System) and Technical Reference-069 based remote management, among others.

Any implementation based on the Release 1 IPTV Solution specification must adhere to one of these profiles in order to claim Open IPTV Forum compliance. Please note that the names of these profiles are used for purposes of technical documentation and as such are not intended to be used for any logo mark or similar purpose.

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