Advanced Television

TV Everywhere head-to-head with OTT

October 12, 2009

According to The Diffusion Group, new TV Everywhere (TVE) efforts will face stiff competition from Over-the-Top (OTT) providers set on pushing Internet video beyond the PC to the TV and mobile devices.

TDG, says both the TV Everywhere initiatives of incumbent PayTV operators such as Time Warner Cable, and the web-based OTT video services of new media competitors such as Apple will increasingly butt heads as the variety and reach of new video conduits expands.

“Incumbents are looking to use broadband as a means of distributing their content beyond the TV to PCs and mobile devices. Online video aggregators are looking to use broadband as way to reach beyond the PC to TVs and mobile devices. In either case, it’s about providing consumers quantum access to their favourite video programmes – that is, access without spatial and temporal limits and in which media is delivered according to relative needs of the end user.”

TDG points out the competing imperatives of network owners, on one hand, versus content owners and distributors, on the other, will be come to the surface, meaning both the government and industry leaders will be forced to address these tensions. “How these issues are resolved will reveal much about future competitive dynamics in the quantum video space.”

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