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TV advertising drives online response

October 14, 2009

A study by Mediacom into how broadcast TV advertising creates online response has revealed for the first time the instant effect that TV advertising has on driving web response and the high levels of misattribution TV suffers from. The study highlights the scope for optimising of both Direct Response and Brand Response TV based on the variations in response by day of week, time of day and break ecology.

The econometric study, commissioned by Thinkbox, shows that, when TV's correct share of online responses is added to phone responses, TV accounts for approx 30 per cent of all advertising responses. Of this 30 per cent, over a third (35 per cent) of the total response correctly attributed to TV ads occurs within 10 minutes of seeing the ad – 15 per cent by phone and an even greater proportion, 20 per cent, via the Internet. For those advertisers who attribute only phone response to TV they are missing over half of its contribution. It also shows that even pure brand ads, with no specific direct response ambition or call to action generate an immediate response online.

The study concludes that TV advertising has been significantly undervalued because its ability to generate viewer response online is generally not accounted for.

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