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Canvas not needed, say Sky and Virgin

November 13, 2009

BSkyB and Virgin Media had a rare show of unity when they agreed that the Project Canvas open IPTV platform should not be cleared by the BBC Trust because it isn't providing anything the market isn't already. Griff Parry, director of on demand for Sky, told the C21Media's FutureMedia conference "there's no evidence of market failure here. There are a broad range of players who want to drive internet TV services."

Virgin Media TV's commercial director David Cuff said "I don't understand his (Eric Huggers of the BBC who demonstrated the Canvas UI) explanation for why it's needed. He's worried for us that we might need to deal with different (technical standards) it seems to me the marketplace is already providing this."

Meanwhile, BBC iPlayer is relaunching on the Nintendo Wii in the form of a dedicated Wii channel on 18 November. To get the service, Wii owners will be able to download it from the console’s online shop for free.

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