Advanced Television

DMAs, DMPs and DMRs emerge in connected homes

November 13, 2009

A new class of devices, Digital Media Adapters (DMAs), Digital Media Players (DMPs), and Digital Media Receivers (DMRs) is emerging in the connected digital home, reports In-Stat. DMAs, DMPs and DMRs allow consumers to connect audio players, televisions, PCs, and other devices to the Internet and to digital storage devices for media recording and playback.

In-Stat has identified over 40 competitors offering products in the segment. Similarly, a range of semiconductor competitors have positioned processors and Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) targeting the emerging equipment market.

"Early competitors were primarily either networking equipment companies or small start-ups," says Norm Bogen, VP of In-Stat's Digital Entertainment research. "But now a much broader range of device manufacturers are positioning competitive devices. However, the biggest challenge to this market category is the proliferation of networked game consoles, Internet-connected set top boxes, networked DTVs, and networked Blu-ray devices that support web-to-TV video and other services."

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