Advanced Television

AT&T launches new interactive apps

November 19, 2009

AT&T has launched two free interactive TV applications on its Microsoft IPTV platform, U-verse TV: Offers On Demand and Caller ID on TV. The launch of the new apps brings the number of free apps that have been rolled out on U-verse TV, since its initial launch, to 20–with 12 of those apps having been launched this year alone.

Offers On Demand lets customers enter a coupon code on channel 199 in order to instantly redeem a coupon for a movie rental. The company says that the app will also save a list of the customer’s available coupons and their expiration dates, should the customer want to return and watch the movie later. U-verse Caller ID on TV lets customers view their U-verse Voice Caller ID and voicemail notifications on their TV screen.

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