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iPhone users more willing to pay for content

November 26, 2009

Users of the Apple iPhone are among the heaviest users of digital content and are also more willing than any other consumer to pay for a wide range of types of content, according to findings in this year’s Olswang Convergence Survey.

iPhone users are heavy users of services such as on-demand TV – not only on their phones (19 per cent of iPhone users compared to 3 per cent of the survey base, which is representative of users of the UK online population as a whole) but also on other devices, such as the main TV at home (37 per cent of iPhone users compared to 26 per cent of the survey base).

When asked about their future desire to use these services, iPhone users retained this extra enthusiasm – with 37 per cent wanting to access on-demand TV via their mobile phones in the future (as against 11 per cent of the overall survey base).

iPhone users also demonstrated greater willingness to use micropayments and subscriptions to pay for access to a broad range of content.

Matthew Phillips, Partner, Olswang, said the survey results demonstrate that the iPhone is changing consumer behaviour in some remarkable ways. “Having discovered the habit and simplicity of paying for apps and other services on the iPhone, it would seem that iPhone owners are more willing to pay for content of many types than the general online population. To maximise their revenue opportunities in the digital environment, companies need to build payment solutions into consumer propositions on other platforms that are as easy to use as that on the iPhone.”

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