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German IPTV use up 150%

November 27, 2009

IPTV usage is up 150 per cent according to a survey carried out by goetzpartners. In September and October 2009, it conducted a representative survey among Germans aged between 14 to 69 years, asking, in addition to usage intensity, about requirements, ideas and willingness to pay for IPTV.

There is a clear indicator that consumers are turning increasingly towards IPTV. Seventy three per cent of participants (among them 67 per cent irregular and 6 per cent regular (at least once a week) users are using WebTV; 45 per cent more than in the past year. Video on Demand represents about 34 per cent (including 1 per cent regular users). This constitutes a remarkable increase of 111 per cent, compared to the 2008 survey.

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