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Internet video: Connected TVs play catch up

December 7, 2009

Preliminary data from the IMS Research study, Market Opportunities for Internet Video to the TV, shows that by the end of 2010, nearly 55 per cent of all TV Households in the Americas will have access to Internet video, with 25 per cent of these capable of displaying Internet video onto the TV set.

Rebecca Kurlak, an IMS Research consumer electronics analyst, commented: "Now that retailers are actively marketing Internet-enabled devices, we can expect to see mass market adoption. As Blu-ray players have begun to offer price points that fall below $199, this price reduction will create a domino effect on other CE device prices. We currently estimate that by the end of 2010, 35 per cent of TV shipments in the Americas will have internet connectivity built-in. It will take about five years for the gap to close between connected TVs and other devices. Consumers continue to select devices that offer ease of use, and it just makes it easier for the consumer to seamlessly search for content on one device. Plus, there is no additional set up involved, which continues to be a hurdle for many of the devices on the market."

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