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Disney for Apple TV online subscriptions?

December 23, 2009

ABC and CBS networks are considering joining a the proposed Apple TV online subscription venture first floated last month. ABC is a unit of the Walt Disney Company, which could also make two of its cable channels, ABC Family and the Disney Channel, available through the proposed service. The CBS Corporation owns half of the CW network, a smaller broadcaster that could also join.

The WSJ has reported that some other major TV companies, including News Corp and Turner Broadcasting, were more wary of the proposal.

Both CBS and Disney already have deals with Netflix to offer access to a range of shows to subscribers for a flat monthly fee on a PC. Netflix also has streaming-video deals with Starz Entertainment, MTV Networks, Showtime Networks, Discovery Communications and A&E.

Apple TV initially floated a $30-per-month consumer subscription plan that would be advertising-free but is now said to be re-positioning with $2 to $4 per month for broadcast networks and $1 to $2 per month per subscriber for cable networks.

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