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'Linear TV will be fine' Deloitte

January 20, 2010

According to the Deloitte 2010 TMT Predictions, the TV and its fixed schedule will remain a central part of the entertainment experience despite the growing demand from viewers who want to watch individual programmes when they want them.

The forecast is counter to many expectations as analysts have long expected on demand to take the upper hand. But Deloitte said the traditional linear system of delivering television and radio was still easier and sufficient for the majority of consumers.

“Our estimate is that over 90 per cent of all television watched and over 80 percent of all audio content consumed will be via traditional broadcast,” the report said. “Linear will prevail despite the proliferation of technologies, such as digital video recorders, pay-per-view, on-demand television, podcasts, and online music services, all of which permit viewers and listeners to opt out of the broadcasters’ schedules.”

Deloitte does not expect a host of new TVs geared to the Web to rush to market. Instead, Deloitte expects the so-called convergence to be driven by the user, with viewers accessing the Internet through laptops, Netbooks, smart phones and games consoles while they watch the television.

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