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STB market mixed in 2009

January 22, 2010

The Asian market for set top boxes (STB) is estimated to have seen over 40 per cent growth in shipments in 2009, according to In-Stat's market estimates. Meanwhile, the European market saw unit shipments slip 11 per cent in 2009. The North American market was up 2.5 per cent, primarily due to a temporary surge in DTT set top box shipments. Across all regions, except Asia, HD boxes are growing, while standard definition boxes decline.

The rapid growth in Asia is being driven by a surge in satellite set top box shipments, in conjunction with strong IPTV STB growth. Europe is seeing shipment declines across all box types, including IPTV, satellite, cable and terrestrial.

Research by In-Stat found the following:

– Worldwide digital set top box product revenue was $4.4 billion in Q3 2009, on track to hit $19 billion for the year.

– IP STB shipments to telco TV service providers are slowing down as telco TV subscriber growth matures and moderates.

– In-Stat estimates 2009 North American cable set top box shipments declined by over 3 million units.

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