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Global hospitality IPTV $1.9bn in 2012

February 17, 2010

Over 11 million hotel rooms and 1 million airline seats are potential IPTV applications, according to a report from MRG. Hotels and Airlines alone account for a $1.9 billion global market in 2012, indicating that for most hospitality applications, analogue video is dead.

The report shows that both In-Room Entertainment and In-Flight Entertainment (IRE and IFE) markets show a sharp shift in user expectations. “While respondents indicated that IPTV may be too expensive for the low-end market, the study finds that there is a substantial and growing need for IPTV to serve the mid- and high-end of the hospitality market. This has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have situation,” says Mike Galli, IPTV Analyst for MRG.

“This report pinpoints growth opportunities in this industry throughout the product and services value chain,” states Galli. “While many in the IPTV industry consider hospitality to be unimportant, we found that it is very important, with some IPTV suppliers reporting that it represents twenty-five per cent of their total revenue.”

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