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Italy ends 2009 with 23m DTT receivers

February 25, 2010

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

At the end of December the number of Italian households equipped with a DTT receiver in the main residence reached 15.3 million, 1.5 million more than in November, according to a survey realised by Makno and commissioned by DGTVì (the association for the development of DTT in Italy).

As a result, the total number of receivers (external or integrated) is 23.06 million, an increase of 13.5 million compared to December 2008.

Sales of DTT receivers set a new record in December 2009, with nearly 2.9 million units sold. Of these, 38 per cent are receivers integrated into other devices. Thanks to the impetus of the ASO, in the last quarter of the year sales remained above 2.6 million units per month.

As for 2010, DGTVì claims that 48.6 per cent of TV consumption in January was via digital platforms (DTT, DTH, IPTV), an increase of 4 per cent compared to December 2009. Significantly, 68 per cent of the entire digital consumer base is represented by digital terrestrial.

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