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Outdated copyright law confuses consumers

February 25, 2010

Three out of four (73 per cent) of UK consumers don't know what they are allowed to copy or record, according to research from Consumer Focus, who is calling on the Government to reform the UK's outdated copyright law before the laws lose all credibility.

Most copyright law was written at a time when digital technologies did not exist, but the pervasiveness of these new technologies means that these laws now affect millions of UK consumers.

Eight out of ten (80 per cent) consumers thought that copyright law should be updated now that we have digital technologies, with slightly more (82 per cent) keen to see reforms striking a fair balance between the interests of consumers and artists.

Jill Johnstone, International Director, Consumer Focus said: “The credibility of UK copyright law has fallen through the floor. Millions of consumers are regularly copying CDs or DVDs and are unaware they are breaching copyright law.”

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