Pace MultiDweller first UK residential deployment

Pace Networks' MultiDweller distribution platform has been deployed in the UK for the first time, opening up access to digital services for hard-to-reach residents in multi-dwelling apartments. Initially installed in apartment blocks in South Yorkshire as part of a joint project with not-for-profit organisation, The Advanced Digital Institute (ADI), and broadband provider, Thales UK, MultiDweller is being trialled as an extremely cost-effective technology in delivering high-quality internet connectivity and other digital services.

The project is aimed at determining how best to provide fast internet access to residents in multi-dwelling, 'digitally disenfranchised' areas including inner-city apartment blocks, social and sheltered housing. The findings, to be announced in March 2010, could help meet key objectives in the government's Digital Britain strategy, signposting a way to ensure affordable high-speed broadband access to around 2.5 million households in the UK.

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