Advanced Television

Catch up impacts first-run TV

April 1, 2010

According to research from TDG less than half of broadband users view their favourite TV programmes when initially broadcast.

“With the advent of the DVR, the primacy of programming schedules was forever diminished,” notes Michael Greeson, founding partner and director of research at TDG. “The DVR, however, simply signalled the first stages of a prolonged and permanent shift to quantum media delivery and consumption: the ‘anytime, any device, any content’ model implicit in new media efforts such as ‘TV Everywhere.’ With prime-time TV programming now available online, any Internet-connected screen–a PC, a web pad, even a mobile phone–becomes an access point. And consumers are putting these new conduits to use, even when it comes to initial viewing of their favourite TV shows.”

According to TDG’s research, TV broadcasts still dominate initial viewing: when first-run and rebroadcasts are combined, 60 per cent of adult broadband users turn to TV broadcasts to first enjoy their favourite TV shows. On the other hand, 40 per cent of consumers turn to a new media platform: 30 per cent use their DVR to record the initial broadcasts for viewing at a later time, while 10 per cent use online TV sites.

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