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Orange reveals mobile TV trends

April 9, 2010

Orange has published its sixth Digital Media Index (ODMI) report offering insight into how digital media is consumed across its mobile network. The latest findings reveal that whilst the consumption of mobile data continues to increase, there are interesting differences between men and women on what they use their handsets for.

Men use their mobile phones more regularly than women to keep up-to-date with the latest sporting news. This explains why Saturday is the most popular day for customers to use the mobile internet Sport updates are also driving mobile internet traffic with men accounting for 57 per cent of customers accessing Orange World.

Sport is the main driver for mobile TV viewing and is more popular with men than women. In total, sports accounts for 50 per cent of mobile TV content consumed, with Sky Sports 1 being the most popular mobile TV channel, attracting 24 per cent of users.

With the increasing adoption of smartphone technology, more people than ever before are experimenting with new services. It seems that men are leading the way – accounting for 75 per cent of mobile videos and 71 per cent of mobile TV clips purchased. This content is often viewed to pass the time whilst travelling.

The consumption of mobile data also continues to grow, with over 5.34 million customers now using Orange 3G mobile handsets and/or dongles, and over 435,000 gigabytes of data being used per month.

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