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KPMG: Viewing up, revenue down

April 20, 2010

UK viewers are consuming more media than six months ago but spending less on it, according to a new survey by KPMG.

The latest Media and Entertainment Barometer found that the average monthly consumption of traditional media rose from 11 hours 40 minutes in September 2009, to 12 hours 13 minutes in March 2010. Hours spent consuming digital media increased from 6 hours 14 minutes to 7 hours 28 minutes. However, average spend per consumer on traditional media fell from £9.19 (E10.40) to £7.46 and spend on digital media also fell from £1.99 to £0.98.

The survey found a noticeable increase in the use of video-on-demand services, up from 19 per cent of all respondents in September to 24 per cent in March 2010. Despite fairly high levels of 3D viewing (just over a quarter of respondents had viewed a 3D film at the cinema during the past 12 months), only 15 per cent indicated they were likely to buy a 3D TV next time they purchase a television set.

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