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Sky Deutschland success based on HD

May 5, 2010

From Colin Mann in Cologne

Brian Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of Sky Deutschland, has stated that the future success of the satellite pay-TV platform will be based on HD and differentiating on quality.

Speaking during the ANGA Cable Strategy Summit, Sullivan recognised that Sky was replacing an established, but damaged brand in Premiere. “We've recapitalised and acquired Bundesliga rights, but these things aren't consumer facing,” he admitted. “HD will be a big part of our success going forward,” he said, adding that Sky would be offering three more HD channels in August. He also doubted that the platform would be offering increasing amounts of additional channels. “There will be no SD channels that don't have a complementary HD channel,” he said, noting that at the present time, HD was not a driver of pay-TV success in Germany.

In terms of enhancing the subscriber experience, Sullivan said that Sky would be offering new and innovative ways to consumer content, via DVRs and other CE devices. “We'll be doing it everywhere, TV has to be exciting. It's not just a case of putting more marketing money in,” he advised.

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