Advanced Television

First live transmission for DVB-C2

May 7, 2010

The DVB Project has announced a major milestone with the success of the first live transmission employing DVB-C2, the new second-generation baseline transmission system for digital television via cable networks. The significance of the live transmission demonstrates that DVB-C2 is now ready for implementation and will provide real opportunities for MSOs to introduce new tiers of HDTV, VOD and interactive TV services.

DVB-C2 employs the latest modulation and coding techniques to enable highly efficient use of cable networks. It offers a range of modes and options that can be optimised for the different network characteristics and the requirements of the different services planned for delivery to cable customers. It offers greater than 30 per cent higher spectrum efficiency under the same conditions as today's DVB-C deployments. After analogue switch-off the cable networks can be optimised for digital transmission. This will result in a capacity increase of about 60% for DVB-C2 as compared to DVB-C.

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