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Ofcom: 3 strikes will not apply to mini ISPs, mobile

May 19, 2010

Ofcom has confirmed that only fixed line ISPs with more than 400,000 subscribers will be forced to comply with the Digital Economy Act’s controversial anti-file sharing provisions. The communications regulator has informed the Internet Service Providers’ Association of the benchmark, and said it intends to publish rules within the next two weeks.

It means mobile broadband operators will be exempt from the system.

Ofcom’s move will be welcomed by smaller ISPs that target niche and business markets who said the administration of 3 strikes was too burdensome. Rights holder organisations such as the BPI want to address mainstream consumers who may be persuaded to revert to accessing copyright works lawfully. The seven ISPs that Ofcom’s code of practice will target control more than 95 per cent of the home broadband market. However, if downloaders migrate to smaller ISPs, presumably Ofcom will have to rethink.

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