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Digital advertising makes gains, TV remains dominant

May 24, 2010

TV remained the top advertising choice in the first quarter of 2010 according to a survey by STRATA, with 41.8 per cent of ad agencies saying their corporate clients are more focused on TV than any other medium. The number was down a whopping 27 per cent from a year ago. Internet/digital advertising continues to increase with 68 per cent reporting that their customers are more focused on digital than they were a year ago.

“To advertisers, TV still matters,” said John Shelton, STRATA President/CEO. “But just as radio gave way to television, we can see that TV is slowly giving way to digital. The good news for TV stations and networks – for now – is that they remain the dominant medium. Our survey taps into the perception that digital has its limitations in reach and effectiveness and must still be used with traditional media like TV. But the trend is clear.”

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