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Sony ads feature 'fake' 3D

May 25, 2010

Sony is launching a marketing campaign using a “fake” 3D TV ad in which all the images are blurred as part of a push to convince consumers to trade up to 3D sets.

The campaign, which will run across Europe features a bizarre montage that includes the footballer Kaka, a sports car doing a burnout, an exploding goalmouth and a strongman tensing his muscles. It comes complete with a warning that your television is not malfunctioning.

All of the images are seen in double, as if the ad were in 3D. A 3D version has also been shot. “Do not adjust your set,” runs a strap line a few seconds in. The pay-off line is: “Maybe it’s time to get a 3D TV.”

The campaign, which breaks in the UK on 11 June – the day of the World Cup’s opening match, and the day after Sony 3D TVs will first go on sale.

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