BBC Worldwide pay-for-play gaming

BBC Worldwide is to make its first foray into pay-to-play gaming linked to TV programming with an online version of The Weakest Link. It already offers a free version of the Anne Robinson-fronted BBC knockout quiz, and will now charge players a variety of amounts from £1 (E1.2) to play. BBC Worldwide has teamed up with, the two-year old venture backed by investors behind Skype and Joost. The BBC will promote the new pay-to-play game at the end of its terrestrial broadcast of Weakest Link.

Last month BBC director general Mark Thompson revealed that the operation will record profits of about £140 million in the year to the end of March, up from £103 million the year before, with official figures to be published in about two weeks.

BBC Worldwide executives will be exempt from the ban on bonuses for BBC executives.

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