BT Sky Sports offer fails to score

BT mustered a ‘reasonably pleased’ to describe sign-ups for its Sky Sport service. Unconfirmed reports put the number at only 60,000 despite the heavy marketing. Their campaign has been met by an even heavier one from Sky emphasising the value of taking all four Sky Sports channels. Strangely, Gavin Patterson, head of BT retail, claimed to be surprised by Sky’s reaction.

BT intends to spend £30m (E36.5m) on marketing BT Vision in the next four months and Patterson says they want to count to subscribers in the millions not hundreds of thousands. There are currently about 481,000 subs.

The BT ads have been criticised for headlining the price of one sports channel, £6.99, without being clear customers must take a two year contract and pay line rental.

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