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Motive acquires NXVision ‘remote access’

September 15, 2010

Broadcast television technology and services provider Motive Television is to acquire the assets of NXVision from the liquidator for a total consideration of £10,000 (€12,000) in cash. NXVision has developed proprietary software that allows any Internet-connected device or mobile phone to obtain and display anything available on a home set-top box (STB) or Internet connected television.

Motive has made the acquisition in line with its belief that there will be demand from viewers to be able to access their personal home entertainment live from anywhere, i.e. any programmes that are available from a viewer’s home TV – including any content that is pre-recorded on TV plus or stored on a viewer’s hard drive connected to the television or in the STB.

Motive is particularly interested in exploring the possibility of NXVision’s software enhancing the BesTV technology for which it has the global distribution rights (excluding Spain and Italy). The BesTV patented software allows DTT broadcasters to offer low-cost premium and time-shifted services with or without Internet connection.

Mick Pilsworth, Chairman of Motive Television, suggested that NXVision’s software could be easily integrated with the BesTV technology offering exciting possibilities. “This demonstrates our ability to seek out technological opportunities to complement the existing business, which we will continue to do, in turn adding value for shareholders,” he said.

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